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Organic Rice Benefit

Some of us may think- the loose rice I buy is always the same when cooked it tastes the same too. Why should I buy organic rice when my regular rice always seems to be the same? Read on to know the answers to your questions. Benefits of Organic Rice

  • Low threat of chemical poisoning- Conventionally produced rice can contain high levels of arsenic and other harmful chemicals through the pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals sprayed on the crops. As rice is grown in flooded fields, these toxic chemicals can dissolve in the water and eventually seep into the rice if used in high quantities. Organically produced rice is produced using natural chemicals that do not pose a threat to human health.
  • Ethical farming methods- Commercial paddy(rice) production is done with two main aims- to attain optimum yield and minimize losses. This is where some people cut corners, by using toxic chemicals and wasting resources to fulfill these aims. Organic rice, on the other hand, is farmed using methods that conserve resources while being environmentally friendly. Organic farmers use the best of natural, traditional, and modern conservation methods to increase yield, also using natural seeds for best results.
  • Rich nutrient profile- As pesticide and fertilizer residue is almost non-existent in organic rice, there is no doubt that you can get the most nutrients from each grain of Organic Basmati RiceOrganic Biryani Pulav Rice or any other type of organically produced rice. This is partly because branded organic rice is made with minimal processing, which retains the fiber and nutrients that are present in the outer hull and husk of the rice. Here are some of the nutrients that make up 1 cup(186gm) of cooked white grain rice-

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